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    Jon Pedersen
  • on 20-09-2022

For a long time, our development team has worked hard to rebuild our Weava Chrome extension, which has now been released.

Due to technical debt and changing technologies, Weava has had to undergo considerable redevelopment to make the tool future-proof and with the right foundation to build additional improvements for you in the future. This has essentially meant that we have had to rebuild the software from scratch.

Finally, we have now released this re-developed version of Weava that will help us usher into the future with improved and additional features on the horizon for you and our 700,000+ users.

However, considering the scale of our update, and the amount of users Weava has, the newly released version has included some interruptions and performance-related issues, for which we humbly apologize for the inconvenience caused. The team is currently working tirelessly to have all these issues resolved as quickly as possible.

With our new foundation, Weava will finally be able to issue more frequent product updates and improvements to the software. And there will therefore also be more frequent updates here from the team of our work and plans, as well as more interactions with our users here on our Feature Request Portal in the time ahead.

We humbly apologize again for the inconvenience caused. But please rest assured that these current issues are a result of our hard work and aspiration to make Weava better for you, not that we are neglecting the software.

Should you currently face issues with Weava, please take note of the following troubleshooting tips, and if your problems persist, contact our support.

Weava Team