December 15, 2020 — Account Details, User Storage & Referral ID — Web App 1.51.5 & Chrome Extension 1.32.17

While we are still working on numerous large and fairly complex back-end matters related to APIs, our servers and more in order to ensure we have the best foundation to build new features upon, we have now squeezed in some time to introduce some front-end enhancements to our users: 

New features:

  • We have released a new "Account Settings" menu that contains user storage details, shortcuts to relevant links such as customer support, feature request portal and Weava keyboard shortcuts. These can be accessed by clicking the Weava cogwheel or the "Account Details" text in the bottom left corner in the Weava sidebar and on the Weava dashboard. 
  • We have introduced an Account Page that has all your main user details in one place, including navigation options for cancellation, deletion, invoices and more. These can be accessed by clicking "Account Details" on the new "Account Settings" menu.
  • Introduced unique user referral ID to all our users, which new users can insert during signup in the registration form. Such referrals will award the user with Weava Premium. You can read more about this here. You can see your unique referral ID on the "Account Details" page.
  • We have enabled users to finally see their storage amount (currently it will only update on a daily basis, but we will work on future improvements to this).

Bug fixes

  • To avoid confusion and ensure greater consistency we have updated the labelling info text for the color labels.
  • Similarly, we have updated various tooltips to have consistent information and phrases across Weava.
  • Fixed a typo on the Weava dashboard where the number of highlights selected was written as "#selected" as opposed to "# selected" (space between number and text).