Mendeley integration

Zara Radge

Could you consider finding a way to integrate Weave to Mendeley?


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John Cougar



Jon Pedersen

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Jon Pedersen

Hi Zara, that's a great idea - and thank you for helping us improve.

On that note, it would be great to hear what exactly you would wish for that such an integration would do? What exactly would you wish to achieve and why? Thanks again!

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Deng Yan Erica San

Seconding this and also asking for a Zotero integration


Jon Pedersen

Hi Deng, thank you for that comment. I'd kindly also request that you consider making a separate request for Zotero integration. That would be great and make it easier for others to vote on going forward. Thanks again!


Waree Sethapun

I also would love a Mendeley integration. I especially want metadata recognition so that uploaded papers will be automatically sorted and tagged with proper titles, authors, dates, and other publication details. Aside from being easy for organization, this would make citation easier. Thank you so much.