Make re-highlighting with the same color remove the highlight

Essam Wisam Fouad

I believe most PDF tools such as Apple's viewer operate in this way and it's intuitive. If this isn't possible then can we at least have a shortcut option for unhighlighting?


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Weava Support

Hi Essam Wisam Fouad,

Thank you for submitting your feature request to Weava. We sincerely appreciate your contribution and the time you've taken to help us improve our product.
The method you suggested for removing the highlight seems quite intuitive and convenient. We also understand your opinion on the need for shortcut unhighlighting.

To ensure that we prioritize features based on user demand, we have a voting system in place. The popularity and number of votes received for each feature request play a significant role in our decision-making process. We encourage you to share your request with others and invite them to vote for it as well.

Additionally, you can explore existing feature requests submitted by other users and cast your vote for the ones you would like to see implemented in the future. Your participation in the voting process helps us understand the collective needs and preferences of our user community.

Once again, we want to express our gratitude for your valuable input!