Color name should be shown directly for better workflow

Faisal khan

Different colors/highlights can show different topics and these topics can be unique to each folder. Naming the colors is important here and it is NOT easy to remember in weava which color corresponds to which topic name....also hovering over the color reveals the name but it is an additional unnecessary step...A better way and some competitors do it in this way : .once something is highlighted, the popup tray opens as vertical instead of horizontal , with the the vertical tray then it is easy to show the color name against each color


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Weava Support

Hi Faisal,

Thank you for the suggestion, and for helping us improve Weava.

This is a great feature request, we understand the desire for other users to automatically see the label/name of the color, we will further monitor the votes for this request and also discuss this internally to consider it for the future development of Weava.

We apologize that we are currently unable to meet your wanted features of Weava, but we hope that you can still find value and maximize the use of our tool to aid your work.

Happy highlighting!