Alt + s keeps it turned off

Zach H

Make it stay off when I alt + s. I only need it when I'm working on certain assignments, I don't need it 24/7, yet alt s only turns it off for the website that I use the command off. It would be better as a universal toggle, so I had it when I'm doing something specific. The only way I can achieve this is by completely turning off the extension, which makes it hard to turn back on, and makes it more probable that I'll forget it exists.


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Mirma H

i guess what he might mean is that if deactivate the plugin, then I close my laptop and re-open it - the plugin is activated back


Weava Support

Hi Zach,
Can we clarify what exactly do you mean when you said that disabling does not persist? Did you mean that when you disable your Weava highlighter and re-open it again, the highlights are enabled?