Add positional order of highlights on the site


I would like to add the order of highlighting on the site.

I think the order suggested above would be useful for keeping track of where my highlights are on the site.

Let me show you one of the ways I use weava's highlight feature.
I highlight the text on the page that corresponds to , , ... as shown in the attached image.
(Only the text that interests me.)

By doing this, as you scroll down the page, you can later concentrate on reading only the text of the highlighted h1 element.

However, one of the disappointments of the current weava is that it does not have the positional order I suggested earlier.
With this ordering, I can create a Table of content consisting of only the headline text that I am interested in.

This is a bit outside the scope of this feature request, but I'd like to see a scrolling (jumping) function to the highlighted section as well as this order.
I think it would be a great way to make your own TOC.