Ability to edit citation URL without breaking PDF/highlight rendering

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Jon Pedersen

From the Weava team: We realize that the current feature where citation URL is also the "source URL/filepath" is prone to a lot of potential errors and user headaches. Meaning, that the URL for your citation is also the same URL that is being referenced to correctly render highlights and open PDFs.

  • This is not intuitive
  • It is essentially two features merged into one chaotic solution. For example, you would never cite "Pedersen, J. (2020). Title. Retrieved from C://MyFolder/MySubFolder/MyPDF.pdf" in any citation. But if you were to change or remove the filepath, you could no longer see your PDF properly.

Therefore, we will separate the "source URL/filepath" completely from the citation feature.

Instead of the current "Edit/Cite" button, there will be one "Edit" and one "Cite" button.

PS! You might be asking why there is a need to edit the source URL/file path in the first place? Well, that's because website links from where you have highlighted may sometimes change - and when they do, then Weava will not be able to render the highlights correctly (and PDFs will generally not open). Therefore, we are creating a separate "source URL" feature that you can update whenever that happens. The same is true for local PDFs which references your local folder file path. If you move a local PDF to a different folder after having it enabled in Weava, the PDF will break until you update the PDF filepath. As for PDFs hosted on Weava, there is no need to update source URL as it will always be correct.

More documentation will follow once released.


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Jon Pedersen

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Jon Pedersen

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