View Who Added Resource/ Annotation

Sarah Maxwell

It would be cool to be able to view who added what resource to a shared folder/ also who was responsible for different annotations and comments.


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Weava Support

Dear Sarah!

Thank you for your feature request and for actively contributing to the improvement of Weava. Your input is invaluable to us.

We understand the importance of identifying the annotator or editor of a shared folder and highlights. It can greatly enhance collaboration and accountability within the platform. We appreciate your suggestion and will take it into consideration. The prioritization of this feature request will be based on the number of votes it receives, so be sure to encourage others to vote for it as well.

In addition, We'd like to mention that you can also explore other feature requests submitted by users and vote for the ones you would like to see implemented in the future. Your participation in the voting process helps us understand the needs and preferences of our user community.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your contribution and support. If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please feel free to reach out. We're here to listen and make Weava even better for you.

Happy highlighting!